Orijen Freeze-Dried Original Cat Treats 35g

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Orijen Original 100% meat freeze-dried cat treats
100% meat and 100% natural free-run chicken and turkey and wild-caught flounder
The Orijen recipe is richly nourishing with whole-prey meat sources and essential nutrients. 

Loaded with goodness from fresh free-run chicken and turkey raised on local prairie farms plus fresh flounder, wild-caught off North Vancouver Island.

INGREDIENTS: Fresh chicken liver (30%), fresh turkey liver (30%), fresh chicken (18%), fresh turkey (18%), fresh arrowtooth flounder (4%)

Orijen product bags are all foil-lined and impermeable to oxygen transfer, and once the bags are sealed, oxygen transfer is impossible. This keeps the food as fresh as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: any air that is left in the bag when sealed depends on the amount of air pushed out by the air evacuation system (this is not to be confused with vacuum packing). While some packages will appear vacuum packed and others not so, they all pass through the air evacuation system and the food will be equally fresh for your dog or cat. 

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