JBL Pronovo Bel Flakes M

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Aquarium main diet flakes in size M for all ornamental fish from 8 to 20 cm.

The decorative fish kept in communal aquariums with various fish species will have varying dietary needs. JBL PRONOVO BEL gives your fish a wide range of choice for a natural and nutritious diet by taking into account the various feeding methods. You can add snacks and other foods from the JBL species concept to the staple food JBL PRONOVO BEL if you want to broaden the selection of foods available.

The go-to food for all omnivore fish and fish populations is JBL PRONOVO BEL. The optimal protein to fat ratio is attained with a protein to fat ratio of 6.3:1, which is perfect for the majority of tropical fish species. In warm water fish (23–30 °C), higher fat concentrations cause fatty deterioration in their organs! The 15 basic components of PRONOVO BEL make up an excellent nutritional base for fish communities, which is similar to the majority of community aquariums. However, species meals can (but are not required) be added to further adjust and diversify the diet of various fish species. If, for instance, your barbels and bettas both consume food, it is not a problem. All that matters is that you give each group of fish the appropriate food. Variety is a good choice!

Selecting food that is the right size for the fish species' mouths is crucial. Almost all fish species can consume flakes since they soon soften. With granulate, on the other hand, the smallest mouth size of the fish you maintain determines the meal size you purchase. The fish size that the food is appropriate for is listed on the bottom left of the tins. It is preferable to select a moderately sized food item as opposed to one that is too large!

Product Features:

  • Garlic-infused prebiotic aquarium fish food provides the good intestinal bacteria in the food with nourishment for a healthy digestive system.
  • Natural ingredients devoid of artificial additives for aquarium fish with a balanced diet. tested on tropical JBL research expeditions
  • Excellent acceptance, even among picky fish, due to the use of premium raw ingredients including salmon, squid, shrimp, and garlic.
  • Enhances the hues of all kinds of ornamental fish naturally by supplying them with astaxanthin, a particularly high-quality carotenoid found in krill and spirulina.
  • The term "squid" refers to mollusks that many fish consume, such as mussels and snails.
  • Original sealed, recyclable, air- and light-tight tin with dosage aid within the lid (100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml) is included in the package.

Technical details/ Specifications:

Type: Fish Food




Salmon meal, wheat meal, shrimp meal, soy bean meal, wheat germs, krill meal, yeast extract, wheat gluten, spirulina, octopus meal, Rice meal, Garlic powder, Corn meal, Apple fibre, guar gum, Beetroot

Analytical Constituents/ Analysis:

Crude protein (38.0%), Fat content (6.0%), Crude fibre (4.0%), Crude ash (7.0%)

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