Frontline Combo Spot-On Dog Large 20-40kg 3 Pipette

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The most effective spot-on flea and tick treatments are available over-the-counter. suitable for all dog breeds, Large 20-40kg. works on the couches, pillows, and bedding for the pets.

The FRONTLINE Spot On Combo comes in an easy-to-use pipette, quickly eliminates parasites, and continues to guard your dog. It is ideal for dogs with allergies, atopy, or flea sensitivity. The product does not work through your dog's bloodstream; instead, it directly contacts the parasites. Within 24 hours, the medication kills adult fleas on your dog and protects it for up to 8 weeks. The solution eliminates ticks within 48 hours, reducing the possibility that your dog will contract an illness carried by a tick. The solution effectively eliminates infestations of dog lice within 48 hours and is effective against the most common varieties of biting lice.



Size: Large

Pet life stage: Dogs 8 weeks and older


Breed recommendation:

Large dogs: 20 up to 40 kg


Puppies under 8 weeks old or weighing less than 2 kg shouldn't take the product.

Use care when handling sick (fever, systemic diseases) or recovering animals.

The product is safe to use both during pregnancy and while nursing.

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