Flamingo Aaron Mouse on Stick Cat Toy White

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AED : 28.50

Elevate your cat's playtime to new heights with the Flamingo Toy Nikau Mouse on Stick Cat Toy in White. Say farewell to feline boredom as your kitty embarks on an adventure with this captivating toy. Crafted with care and designed for endless amusement, it's the ultimate playmate for your furry friend.
Unleash your cat's inner adventurer with the Flamingo Toy Nikau Mouse on Stick Cat Toy White. It's more than a toy; it's a companion that inspires curiosity, agility, and endless fun.

Product Features:
- Interactive Play: The Nikau Mouse on Stick Cat Toy is not your ordinary plaything. It's designed to engage your cat's senses and keep them on their paws. With a bell, fun feathers, and a stick for extra challenge, it's a feline favourite that promises hours of entertainment.
- Multi-Sensory Fun: Watch your cat's eyes light up as they discover the rattling sound and tinkling cat bell, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime. It's a symphony of joy for your playful kitty.

Technical details/ Specifications:
Type: Cat Toys
Breed size: All Breed Sizes
Breed: All Cat Breeds

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