District 70 Trunk Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : District 70 Trunk Cardboard Cat Scratcher


This amusing tree-trunk-shaped cat scratcher blends in with a rustic and woodsy décor. The District 70 Trunk Cardboard Cat Scratcher creates the ideal hiding place with just one entrance for your feline friend.


Product Features:


Cat Scratcher with a Rural Design Trunk

A cat scratcher is an absolute necessity for everybody who has a cat at home. Not all cats will scratch their nails as much, but it is a given that they do. Considering that you undoubtedly don't like your cat to scratch on your brand-new couch, chair, or carpet, this amusing cat scratcher Trunk provides the ideal answer!


Funny Cat Scratcher

The Trunk will be the perfect solution if you're seeking something unique that will make you and your friends giggle as well as give your cat endless playtime! This amusing cat scratcher, shaped like a tree trunk, creates the ideal hiding place with just one entrance. Your cat will be able to scratch the trunk’s interior and outside, climb up there for a quick snooze, or sleep inside when they would rather hide.


Why do Cats prefer Cardboard?

A corrugated cardboard pattern always has a spectacular effect on whatever product it’s a part of. Cats utilize the corrugated cardboard as a scratching post to hone their claws and stretch out their bodies. The environmentally friendly cat scratcher trunk prevents your cat from scratching your furniture and keeps its claws trimmed all year.


Technical details/ Specifications:

Cat Scratcher with a funny Tree Trunk Design

  • - Made of strong, premium corrugated cardboard.
  • - A chic replacement for the conventional cat scratcher
  • - Sure to become a focal point in every contemporary décor
  • - Size: 40 x 60 x 40 cm.
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