Beco Family Millie the Mouse with Catnip Cat Toy OS/NA

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- Stuffed with recycled plastic bottles - Filled with catnip to entice your cat - Double stitched so extra durable - Soft so great to cuddle
AED : 21.00


Meet the Beco Family! At Beco Pets we strive to create products that are better for the environment and therefore all the animals that rely on a healthy planet. To honour this, when anyone starts work at Beco Pets they get given an animal character and they officially join the Beco Family! People have told us how much they love our characters so we’ve decided to bring them to life and turned some of them into pet toys!

Our irresistible cat toys are made from recycled plastic bottles and are stuffed with the most alluring catnip you can find! Whether it’s Freddie the Fish, Bertie the Budgie or Millie the Mouse, they’ll provide hours of chasing and cuddling fun!

Character          Millie the Mouse


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