VetIQ Creamy Centres Cheese Dog Treats

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Creamy Centres are delicious grain free treats that comprise of a dry outer shell with a cream-filled centre containing a unique blend of Cheese & Chia to help promote your pets’ well-being. Cheese & Chia are sources of calcium for healthy teeth & bones.

Composition: Meat & Animal Derivatives (30% Poultry), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (13.8% Potato powder, 6% Pea), Oils and Fats (1.4% Omega-3 fatty acids, 3.7% Omega-6 fatty acids), Milk and Milk Derivatives (4% Cheese), Chia 4%, Minerals.

Storage Conditions:
Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight and reseal after use. Once opened use within 4 weeks.

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