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Complete and balanced nutrition? That’s what the Zeal pet products range expertly delivers. Dogs and cats that are bona fide members of your family deserve only the premium, all-natural pet food ingredients from Zeal pet food, treats and supplements that are sure to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.

100% New Zealand Ingredients

With agriculture and dairy being New Zealand's primary export industry, there's no question that the Zeal pet food and treats range contains only top-quality ingredients from the country's rich pasture land. That means the finest New Zealand free-range/grass-fed beef, poultry, seafood, venison, and dairy are in every bag or tin of Zeal pet supplies you buy for your canine or feline friend.

The Zeal Motto: Return the Unconditional Love

In January 1999, the Natural Pet Treat Company started operations as a small business that manufactured 100% New Zealand-made dog treats. From there, the full Zeal range of premium pet food emerged. With admirable Kiwi ingenuity and a truly strong passion for quality, the humble family-owned business began to export to the global marketplace and is now internationally owned, all the while maintaining its original philosophies.

Pets give humans immeasurable, unconditional love. Anyone who has owned a dog or cat knows just how much an ordinary day can be transformed into a truly joyful one with just a rumbling purr, an adorable snore, a single game of fetch, or just a silly expression or action from these beloved companions. It's only fitting for pet owners to shower their furry family members with as much love and care as they can – to "return the unconditional love" – and that includes feeding them the best quality pet food and treats available to keep them healthy and happy. Likewise, Zeal also strives to "return the unconditional love" to the planet by encouraging everyone to make sustainable and environmentally conscious consumer choices.

Zeal Pet Food, Treats, Milk and More

To date, Zeal pet food options include Natural Soft Dry Kibble and Grain-free Canned Food for adult dogs and cats as well as developing kittens and puppies. In addition, Zeal also offers Lactose-free Pet Milk and Hoki Fish Oil Supplements to enhance pet health, along with Free-range and Wild-caught Treats.

Get Zeal Pet Milk for Cats & Dogs made from fresh New Zealand whole cows' milk that's easy to digest and a good source of calcium, protein, iodine, and vitamins D, B2 and B12, among others. Make every day exciting for your pet cats and dogs with the unique taste and texture of Zeal treats such as Zeal Lamb & Venison Morsels Cat Treats, and Zeal chewies like Zeal Free Range Naturals Sheep Ears Dog Treats, Zeal Free Range Naturals Beef Hooves Dog Treats, and Zeal Free Range Naturals Spare Ribs Dog Treats.

Show your lovable dogs and cats genuine love and care. Order Zeal pet food and treats from Pet's Delight today to ensure that your furry companions always stay healthy, energetic, and so charming that you can hardly stand it.

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