Savic Pet Products

For nearly seven decades, Savic has been creating innovative products that cater to the needs of all pets. As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic accessories and metal cages for pets, the brand is known for its high-quality, durable and convenient products that animals adore.

Headquartered in Belgium and operating in over 80 countries worldwide, the Savic pet product range is extensive. It includes everything from toilet homes, litter trays, pet carriers and dog crates to small animal cages, bird cages and accessories.

Whether it's cats, dogs, small animals or birds, Savic pets will always find a product that makes them feel at home and makes your life easier. With various colours and multi-functional offerings, the company provides not just pet products, but also a way to ensure your furry friend's comfort and happiness.

Quality, Comfort and Sustainability

There is a reason Savic's slogan is "We make it, pets love it." The brand thinks of how every detail and design aspect, from the material and functionality to the stability and ease of use, will affect you and your pet's experience.

For example, Savic pet product crates include several lines, such as dog crates from all-metal to foldable wire crates, ideal for travelling and housetraining furry companions of every size. Savic pet cages for birds, hamsters and rabbits come in plenty of sizes with all the accessories, such as food bowls, water bottles, nesting boxes and all the frolicking and tunnelling space they could need.

The company also places sustainability and environmental awareness high on its priority list. Being a European Circular Plastic Alliance member, Savic launched its Happy Planet line to give post-consumer plastic a new lease on life. By 2025, the brand aims to recycle 10 million tonnes of plastic.


Savic product line includes a wide range of pet essentials like aquariums and bird cage accessories, cat bowls, litter trays and scoops, dog beds, bowls, carriers, crates and hygiene products.

Keep your pet's space clean with the Hop-in-top Savic cat litter box, which features a practical design and robust construction to prevent unwanted litter spills and odours. Travel comfortably using Savic pet products dog crates such as the Trotter, a lightweight and easy-to-store crate with a metal wire front door for maximum ventilation. Shop Savic pet products today and treat your furry friend to the best.

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