Flamingo is a long-standing brand trusted by pet lovers worldwide. For 50 years, the company has continued to bring pets and their parents closer together with a whopping 8,500 snacks and accessories. The relationship between people and their pets is unique. It comes with lots of special moments that develop deeper bonds that last a lifetime. Flamingo pet products are designed to enhance those moments, creating more heartwarming snuggle times and pet grooming sessions. What’s more, the Flamingo pet shop goes beyond the needs of cats and dogs. They also cater to the needs of your pet birds, chickens, fish, reptiles, and small animals. They also support sustainability with eco-friendly products and create items that are designed for each individual pet.


Each pet has different needs. Flamingo understands this and takes the matter of your pet’s welfare seriously. This is the very reason why they created thousands of products – 8,500 and counting – that cater to each and every single one of the needs for your feline, canine, aviary, and small animal companions.

Are you planning to DIY your dog’s grooming? Flamingo has a complete set of dog brushes, combs, and trimmers for you. Does your tabby cat need more activities to pass the time? Consider Flamingo’s cat toy range with items that bounce, move around, light up, and spring back for unlimited feline fun. They even have a wide variety of bird perches, cage hangers, and hamster wheels and balls for your birds and small animals.

Whether you care for a senior dog, have just adopted an adorable cat, or have brought home a talkative parrot as a new member of your family, you are sure to find something that will make life happier for you and your pet at Flamingo pet shops around the world, including Pet’s Delight.


Your pet deserves the best. With Flamingo dog treats and pet accessories, you can give them all that they need right when they need it. Does your cat need more exercise to stay healthy? There’s a Flamingo cat toy that will surely tickle your feline friend’s fancy. Does your hyper puppy need that extra hydration during the hot summer weather? The Flamingo Fred automatic water dispenser is perfect for them. From treats and toys to training and grooming tools, Flamingo designs and creates products specifically for your pet’s unique needs.

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  1. Flamingo Dog Slow Feeder Exqi
    Flamingo Dog Slow Feeder Exqi
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  2. Flamingo Dog Slow Feeder Osto
    Flamingo Dog Slow Feeder Osto
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  3. Flamingo Football Ceramic Bowl
    Flamingo Football Ceramic Bowl
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    Flamingo Bowl Bella Kena
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