Mutt Nation Plush Rescue Roxie

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"I am a Texan, with a BIG personality and boundless energy, which is how I ended up at the shelter and met my perfect match. My Dad and I have a lot in common; we love to play hard and we both are a little stubborn. It was definitely love at first sight. I found my soul mate." - Roxy The MuttNation® Rescue Mutts are a life-like collection of plush dog toys inspired by real-life rescues Roscoe, Ollie, Roxy, Bella, Maggie and Miranda's first rescue dog, Delilah. Each adorably soft, yet sturdy plush toy comes complete with the details of his/her rescue story and new family. These short stories exemplify the MuttNation Foundation® hope of assisting dogs in finding their forever home.

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