Horses need more than hay and a roof over their heads to thrive. Even having access to sufficient water and grass for grazing is just the bare minimum.

Optimal horse care calls for a safe and clean stable and complete grooming and healthcare. To make sure your equine companion stays fit, healthy and happy, buy only the best horse medical supplies and other pony care essentials here at Pet’s Delight.

We also offer high-quality horse grooming kits and products, including horse shampoo, mane brushes, currycombs, and hoof balms, among others. Browse through our complete horse stable care line below and tick off everything on your list of essential equestrian products today.

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  1. Sprenger Curry Comb
    Sprenger Curry Comb
    Special Price AED : 30.53 Regular Price AED : 59.00 48% OFF
  2. Sprenger Bridle Hanger
    Sprenger Bridle Hanger
    Special Price AED : 25.40 Regular Price AED : 37.00 31% OFF
  3. Sprenger Course Mane Brush
    Sprenger Course Mane Brush
    Special Price AED : 7.18 Regular Price AED : 16.00 55% OFF
  4. Sprenger Metal Sweat Scraper
    Sprenger Metal Sweat Scraper
    Special Price AED : 42.59 Regular Price AED : 84.00 49% OFF
  5. Sprenger Plastic Hoof pick
    Sprenger Plastic Hoof pick
    AED : 5.50
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