Owning a horse for the first time entails taking on various responsibilities. Unlike dogs and cats, horses require more care, attention, and specialised horse accessories to keep them healthy, strong, and safe.

Feeder pans and water buckets are some horse supplies you should have on hand as soon as you get a horse.

Grooming products, including brushes, fly repellents, and hoof care tools, which you can buy from horse supplies online shops, help keep your horse clean and presentable.

Once you start horse riding, you also need the best horse equipment in Dubai.

When you’re ready to buy these essential horse supplies, browse through our online shop. Our range of accessories and equipment will help you become a responsible horse owner and successful equestrian.

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  1. Schockemohle Body Guard
    Schockemohle Body Guard
    AED : 42.00
  2. Schockemohle Breastplate Swarovski
    Schockemohle Breastplate Swarovski
    AED : 735.00
  3. Schockemohle Silent Fly Veil
    Schockemohle Silent Fly Veil
    AED : 178.50
  4. Schockemohle Junior Jumps
    Schockemohle Junior Jumps
    AED : 110.50
  5. Schockemohle Neoprene Bell Boots
    Schockemohle Neoprene Bell Boots
    AED : 131.50
  6. Schockemohle Tampa Leather Lead
    Schockemohle Tampa Leather Lead
    AED : 315.00
  7. Schockemohle Padded Neck Strap
    Schockemohle Padded Neck Strap
    AED : 100.00
  8. Schockemohle Warendorf Basic Rein
    Schockemohle Warendorf Basic Rein
    AED : 189.00
  9. Schockemohle Leather Reins
    Schockemohle Leather Reins
    AED : 215.50
  10. Schockemohle Web Reins
    Schockemohle Web Reins
    AED : 157.50
  11. Schockemohle Swarovski Swing Browband
    Schockemohle Swarovski Swing Browband
    AED : 346.50
  12. Schockemohle Coventry Bridle
    Schockemohle Coventry Bridle
    AED : 546.00
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