Dog Supplies in Dubai

From playful puppies to adorable adult dogs, caring for them will be fun and easy with our wide selection of dog supplies in Dubai.

At Pet’s Delight, we make it even more delightful to care for your charming canines. We carry only excellent products to ensure the health and well-being of your pet. As dog lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to give them proper nutrition, good grooming, and a safe and happy environment.

We help you take care of your dog at every stage of its life. Training them from pups to well-behaved grown-up dogs will also be a breeze with our dog supplies online. You’ll be able to conveniently browse and shop for an assortment of barriers, trainer pads, clickers and sprays that will help you bring them to heel.


Nutrition is a critical component of optimal dog health. At Pet’s Delight, our premium dog food is made from the finest-quality ingredients. Our array of all-natural pet food features both dry dog food and wet dog food that’s grain-free, wheat-free and preservative-free. Nourish your furry companion with our range of tasty dry food, wet food and treats that they’re sure to love.

Collars & Leads

Our wide range of dog accessories, from collars and harnesses to leads, come in many fun and colourful designs for everyday use. Find a favourite (or two!) from our wide variety of dog collars and leads that are both functional and stylish, and come in all shapes and sizes. All of our dog accessories are made from high-quality materials so you can walk your four-legged friend with confidence.

Bowls, Bottles & Fountains

From premium gravity feeders to collapsible dog bowls, we carry everything you need to keep your dog well-nourished and hydrated. Browse our selection of fun and functional dog feeding supplies that come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Our range of dog bowls and feeders make mealtimes and walks more enjoyable for you and your paw pal.


Let sleeping dogs lie. At Pet’s Delight, we want to help you keep your furry companion cosy and comfortable. That’s why we carry only the best quality dog beds. Our wide selection of dog beds is soft and comfy, yet durable, providing your four-legged friend with a sleep surface for a good night’s rest.

Rawhide Bones & Treats

At Pet’s Delight, we understand that a dog’s going to chew. We also believe that healthy, all-natural dog treats are an important part of any healthy dog’s diet. Whether you’re looking for rawhide bones, treats for dental health or training, or just for snacking, know that you’ll have access to a carefully-selected line of dog food brands when you shop from us.


Dogs love to play, and at Pet’s Delight, we encourage interactive playtime. That’s why we carry an expansive collection of dog toys from the best brands available in the UAE. Our wide assortment of dog toys includes durable super chewer toys, soft plushies, outdoor launchers and many more. Whatever your dog’s toy preference, we’re sure to have it.


Dogs are always up for an adventure. Make sure your favourite outdoor travel companion remains safe and comfortable on any trail with our range of outdoor accessories. We carry only the most trusted accessories from dog boots to adventuring canine coats and packs, for all breed sizes. Shop online for your next adventure gear and have it delivered directly to your door, ready for the outdoors.

Health & Vet

Get to choose from a wide range of quality healthcare products that keep your dog happy and healthy in every stage of life. No matter what you’re looking for, from dog supplements and parasite repellents to medical supplies and dog grooming kits, you’ll be sure to find top-rated health products to meet your dog’s needs. All of our products are veterinarian approved and ready to be delivered to your home.


A solid hygiene routine results in a happier and healthier dog. Good canine hygiene starts at Pet’s Delight. Eliminate bad dog odours for good with our wide selection of grooming accessories. From natural dog shampoos and dog wipes to dental care accessories, you’ll find everything you need to ensure your dog always looks and smells his best.

ID Tags

At Pet’s Delight, we understand that the number one priority of any dog owner is keeping their canine companion safe and secure. But, accidents do happen. All of our dog ID tags are customizable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles so that if an accident occurs, he can be sure to find his way back home.

Training, Travelling & Doors

Whether you’re visiting the vet, taking a road trip or training your dog, our collection of training, travelling and doors have what you need to ensure your dog stays safe and secure for any occasion. Discover the best option for your dog from our large selection of products that include weather-tight doors, built-to-last car seat covers, dog training and behavior solutions, and IATA-approved dog crates.

IATA Travel Crates

Going on an adventure with your pooch is also made more convenient with an array of pet travel gear that is specially designed for your paw pal. From organic stress relief spray and carseat covers to International Air Transport Association (IATA)-approved crates, you can rest with the thought that your dog travels in ease and comfort.


Grooming your pet is made especially rewarding with dog grooming supplies and tools such as colognes, lotions, and shampoos that would want to make you hug them more. Grooming services that range from ear cleaning and nail trimming to a full-fledged groom are also offered for pups up to extra large dogs.

Bags and Accessories

We have animal-friendly accessories such as carrying bags and snack dummies for you to choose from. These products will surely thrill your rambunctious rover, and help you train your pet through positive motivation.

Pet’s Delight is your reliable partner whether you need to order dog food online in Dubai, want to make your pets look neat and pretty or are interested in knowing more about raising happy and healthy pets. Check out our website, dial us up, or visit any of our seven dog stores in Dubai for the best and assuredly affordable dog care this side of the globe.

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  1. Savic Carbon Puppy Trainer Pads 50 pack
    Savic Carbon Puppy Trainer Pads 50 pack
    AED : 89.50
  2. Flamingo Puppy Training Pads 90x60cm 50pcs
    Flamingo Puppy Training Pads 90x60cm 50pcs
    AED : 151.50
  3. Savic Puppy Trainer Pad 50pads/pack
    Savic Puppy Trainer Pad 50pads/pack
    AED : 105.00
  4. Savic Puppy Trainer Pad 100/pack
    Savic Puppy Trainer Pad 100/pack
    AED : 236.25
  5. Savic Puppy Trainer Pad 30pads/pack
    Savic Puppy Trainer Pad 30pads/pack
    AED : 73.50
  6. Simple Solution Dog & Puppy Training Pads 55x56cm
    Simple Solution Dog & Puppy Training Pads 55x56cm
    AED : 50.40
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