A well-fed and hydrated cat is a happy, healthy pet. But aside from keeping a stock of dry and wet cat food and clean water, you need to have the right feeding supplies, which should include a cat food bowl.

The right cat food bowls make eating easier and more comfortable for your pet. These supplies can help make clean-ups less difficult for you as well.

If you often leave your cat alone for hours, automatic cat feeder bowls ensure your pet eats at pre-set times. With this feeding accessory, you won’t have to worry about your feline friend going hungry when you’re not home.

Your feline friend also needs water to stay energised and healthy. A good cat water fountain is a must-have accessory if your pet doesn’t drink too much from their water bowl.

Since cats tend to be drawn to running water, a pet cat water fountain can encourage your furry friend to drink more to stay hydrated and healthy.

With these cat feeding and drinking supplies, you won’t have difficulties getting your pet to eat and drink.

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  1. Catit Flower Fountain with LED Nightlight
    Catit Flower Fountain with LED Nightlight
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  2. CatIt Flower Shape Placemat
    CatIt Flower Shape Placemat
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  3. CatIt Replacement Carbon Filter
    CatIt Replacement Carbon Filter
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  4. Catit Peanut Shape Placemat
    Catit Peanut Shape Placemat
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